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Ready? To learn about the Power of People? To join a culture of high performance and innovation?

For more than 33 years

McCormick has given me the opportunity to understand the relationships between finance, sales, marketing and operations. Plus see the world beyond our borders.”

Her McCormick Story

As McCormick’s Commercialization Manager

I oversee products we produce for our commercial customers. I also manage our cross-border projects, and it’s this experience that has broadened my worldview and inspired the important personal work I do with my husband supporting education and job training in a Northern Uganda community called Pader.

Donna B.

I love to follow up on customer orders.

It shows dedication to detail. McCormick is big on that and the collaboration it takes to come up with solutions that matter. You know what else makes McCormick such a great place?”

Her McCormick Story

Our Industrial Sales team needs our full support

and almost instant customer follow-up. McCormick’s environment is team oriented. They really want you to grow personally and professionally. In more than 15 years here, my two biggest thrills have been twice receiving the McCormick Staff Team Appreciation and Recognition (Star) Award and witnessing McCormick’s expansion in China.

Liya L.

My McCormick journey

has been intellectual, cultural and geographical. But most of all fun.”

Her McCormick Story

For me, McCormick has translated into a diverse set

of experiences and achievements—including a serious upgrade to my cooking skills. Since joining McCormick I’ve held several job positions in both Food Service and Consumer Marketing. They’ve taken me across six different brands and to most of the main EMEA markets like France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Poland. How many different people, projects and places will I encounter through McCormick? That’s hard to predict. And it’s also the exciting part.

Iwona G.

I’m introducing McCormick

flavor products to the Hispanic market and preserving a vital heritage within communities and my own family, doesn’t feel like work at all.”

His McCormick Story

I see my job as a unique opportunity to position

McCormick is a company whose products keep our Hispanic heritage alive throughout the community, including my family’s dinner table. I’m intrigued by McCormick’s unique combination of small-company entrepreneurial spirit and large-company resources—supported by our Power of People philosophy and high-performance culture. We’re empowered to be well-rounded employees who continuously improve and adapt and recognize that ideas come from everywhere and everyone. I love that I’m recognized for my most important trait: passion.

Ed H.
Donna B. Commercialization Manager and Community Rebuilder
  • Donna B. Commercialization Manager and Community Rebuilder
  • Liya L. Industrial Customer Service Leader
  • Iwona G. Senior Brand Manager and Flavor Sharer
  • Ed H. US Hispanic Marketing Manager and Culture Preserver