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Our Five Pillars of Success are more than words in a handbook.

Our Pillars are part of who we are. They guide us in our business practices every day—whether it's inspiring people with innovative flavor solutions, motivating each other with new ideas or ensuring healthy growing and eating practices around the world.

5Pillarsof Success

Passion for Flavor

Great-tasting meals start with pure flavor, and flavor is at the heart of everything we do at McCormick.

Inspiring Healthy Choices

McCormick does more than create innovative global flavor solutions that make food taste better. It’s our mission to make food better, period. Whether funding research on how herbs and spices can allow you to eat more healthfully or developing reduced-sodium and gluten-free products, we’re always searching for new ways to give people healthy eating choices.

Power of People

McCormick people respect, value and help each other to reach performance goals. It's a "people first" culture that's kept us thriving since Charles P. McCormick introduced the idea of participative management back in 1932.

Delivering High Performance

We set the performance bar high for everything. That includes our financial performance. Since 2010, we grew sales at a compound annual growth rate of 5% and achieved $351 million in cost savings.

Taste You Trust

We’re focused on the quality, safety and consistency of our products. For more than 125 year, McCormick has an unmatched track record in delivering safe, high quality products for you to enjoy.