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Committing to more than great flavor.

McCormick Commitment to Providing Healthier Flavor Solutions

Whether we're creating flavor solutions for our own products or for the biggest brands on the planet, we're always keeping in mind how those flavors interact with our taste buds and the rest of our bodies.

When it comes to eating healthier, taste is often the missing ingredient. Who wants to eat bland food? When used as a substitute for salt, sugar and fat flavorings, the natural goodness of herbs and spices adds real personality and flavor while making meals healthier. McCormick transforms this naturally amazing fact into flavor innovation for our own products and those of top companies around the world.

Inspiring Healthy Choices is one of our key initiatives. It helps advise our flavor products, the independent research we fund through the McCormick Science Institute (MSI) and how we communicate healthy eating practices with people all around the world.

The people who research and develop our reduced-sodium and gluten-free flavor solutions are doing more than meeting customer demand for healthy products and natural ingredients. They're also contributing to the healthy eating practices of their family members and communities.

Healthy Flavor Solutions

We See The Future And It's Healthier

By 2018 we're planning to launch our Eating Well program for McCormick employees all over the world. Plus we're increasing the resources we devote to educating consumers on the benefits of healthy eating.

Taking Healthy Steps Through The McCormick Science Institute

We're taking a deeper look into culinary spices and herbs. The McCormick Science Institute is sponsoring independent research at leading universities and institutions that explores the potential health benefits of spices and herbs and sharing that information with consumers and health practitioners around the world.

The MSI is guided by the Scientific Advisory Council which consists of some of the brightest and most renowned nutrition scientists, research scientists and health professionals in the world.