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6 Flavor Trends to Look For This Year

Each year, McCormick publishes a report that offers foodies and chefs a look at trends that will emerge in the market over the coming year. Now in its 16th year, the Flavor Forecast is anticipated by food fans for its ability to inspire exploration and innovation. It’s also valued for its proven accuracy.

With a global team of chefs and flavor experts, McCormick has introduced six new flavor trends to watch, giving a taste of culinary innovation in 2016 and beyond.

2016 Flavor Forecast Trends:

1. Heat + Tang - Spicy finds a welcome contrast with tangy accents—lime, rice vinegar, yuzu, tamarind, Meyer lemon, cranberry, kumquats and ponzu—to elevate the eating experience.

2. Tropical Asian - Adventurous palates seek flavors from new regions. Two spots in Southeast Asia—Malaysia and the Philippines—offer distinctive ingredients and signature recipes for vibrant fare.

3. Alternative "Pulse" Proteins - Packed with protein and nutrients, pulses like Pigeon Peas, Black Beluga Lentils, or Cranberry Beans are elevated when paired with delicious ingredients.

4. Blends With Benefits - Flavorful herbs and spices add everyday versatility to good-for-you ingredients like matcha and chia.

5. Ancestral Flavors - Modern dishes reconnect with native ingredients to celebrate food that tastes real, pure and satisfying.

6. Culinary-Infused Sips - Three classic culinary techniques provide new tastes and inspiration in the creation of the latest libations: Roasted, pickled, and bruleed.

Flavor Forecast 2016

Visit to read the full report and explore 2016’s emerging taste trends.