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McCormick Oregano Products Are Free of Fillers, Providing Pure Flavor and Color

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Sparks, Md., (July 27, 2015) – McCormick & Company, Incorporated (NYSE: MKC), a global leader in flavor, today released the following statement in response to the UK-based study by Professor Chris Elliott, food safety academic at Belfast Queen’s University, regarding adulteration of dried oregano purchased from the marketplace in the UK and Ireland. Please attribute the following points to Roger Lawrence, McCormick Corporate Vice President, Global Quality Assurance:

We are pleased this issue is getting attention and believe it’s important consumers learn all spices and herbs aren’t created equal. While Professor Elliott’s study found as much as 30 to 70 percent non-oregano material in other brands, McCormick oregano is simply oregano – from leaves to seasoning blends – delivering 100 percent pure flavor. Our oregano contains no other green leaves like [myrtle, cistus and olive].

McCormick is an industry leader in resources and investment towards spice and herb quality and safety programs. Our quality assurance program ensures our products, including oregano, consistently deliver 100 percent pure flavor through:

  • Purity in Sourcing:  McCormick sources premium oregano that can be traced from field to bottle. By sourcing whole leaves, our supplier mitigates the chance for added ingredients and contamination. McCormick has established a long term strategic alliance with a reliable supplier who works with more than 8,000 farmers, and each farmer is tested against our purity criteria.

  • We Test to Guarantee our Spices and Herbs are High Quality: While other oregano may contain up to 70 percent green fillers, McCormick whole oregano leaves are tested for fillers and foreign matter. We conduct millions of product analyses each year by testing for contaminants, flavor characteristics and more to ensure the safety and quality of our products. Any materials that don’t meet our 100 percent standard are removed.

  • Oregano Should Taste like Oregano: Our oregano is gently dried to preserve its vibrant green color.   Our cleaning, milling and packaging process ensures oregano leaves are carefully handled, preserving the oils that deliver high-quality oregano flavor: the robust, earthy, green, slightly medicinal, minty and peppery flavor that gives oregano its strong, classic “pizza” herb quality.

For more than 125 years, McCormick has had an unmatched track record in delivering safe, high-quality products to our consumers. It is important to purchase your spices and herbs from a trusted resource. Because of our unwavering commitment to quality, McCormick continues to be the taste you trust.