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McCormick Oregano Products Are Free of Fillers, Providing Pure Flavor and Color

Quality Leadership

Some unsettling food news, as “food fraud” expert Chris Elliot recently shared a UK-based study on “economic adulteration” of oregano, reportedly finding as much as 30 to 70 percent non-oregano material in some competitor products. Professor Elliot, a food safety specialist at Queen's University in Belfast, believes a large portion of some brands is filler, like stems and other plant material, and not the herb consumers intend to buy.

McCormick Oregano, on the other hand, is 100% pure flavor. Guaranteed.

As you can see in the image comparison below, McCormick Oregano (on the left) has a vibrant green color with large leaves in a uniform size. Some competitor oregano, like the image on the right, may contain non-oregano material – like olive, myrtle and cistus leaves and excessive amounts of sticks and stems. 


We’re proud of McCormick’s rigorous testing and unmatched track record in delivering safe, high-quality products. We know what goes into every bottle, because we source premium quality whole spices & herbs. Other brands may buy spices and herbs on the open market without knowing the source location, growing practices, how they were handled, stored or processed.

Most importantly, we conduct millions of product analyses each year by testing for contaminants, flavor characteristics and more to ensure the safety and quality of our products. And to ensure our oregano is really oregano.

Beyond the vital issues of safety and quality, flavor is at the heart of everything we do at McCormick, and great-tasting meals start with the pure flavor of our herbs and spices. McCormick Oregano has a strong, classic "pizza" herb flavor and aroma. It’s robust, earthy, green, slightly medicinal, minty and peppery—and it should be a uniform blend of leaf size.

We source premium oregano, microscopically tested for fillers and carefully handled to preserve color and flavor, until it’s delivered to your store. We rest our reputation on “taste you trust,” and go to great lengths to preserve the authenticity of each herb and spice’s pure flavor.

So when you purchase McCormick Oregano, you’re really buying oregano.