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Multiple Flavours

Delighting our diverse customer and consumer base


Leading consumer brands

Butty Camp Deogheria Ducros Galeo Kamis Margao Mccormick Schwartz Silvo Thai Vahine

Famous foodservice brands

Bicks Butty Camp Ducros McCormick for chefs Vahine noels Mccormick Flavour solutions Thai Schwartz OldBay

Our iconic brands stimulate your senses across diverse flavour categories

Although herbs, spices & seasonings remain our core markets, we also offer innovative flavours in baking aids under the Vahiné brand, mustards with Kamis, authentic Thai cuisine with Thai Kitchen in Switzerland.

A neighbourhood of international kitchens

With 6 Innovation centres in EMEA, our R&D capability builds on our global flavour innovation expertise. We combine global scale and local expertise to convert ideas into product concepts which help our diverse consumers across the region to prepare flavourful meals their families and friends will love.

As a leader in flavour innovation, we invest in the smartest, most flavour-focused talent we can find to create delicious herb, spice and seasoning blends, offering inspirational flavour to all of our consumers.

Our state of the art Technical Innovation Centre, based in the UK, is the heart of product development in EMEA and a tangible expression of our technical and R&D capabilities, with purpose-built culinary and sensory facilities, and a flavour lab to support flavour creation and application.

Flavour Forecast®

Flavour Forecast® identifies top flavour trends for the year ahead, allowing McCormick to design product development strategies and innovative taste combinations, staying one step ahead of the emerging demand. Our scale, experience and the expertise of our global and regional chefs and innovators gives us a unique insight into what customers and consumers want. Now in it’s 18th edition our Flavour Forecast® is an established and trusted source of future taste trends.